Picture of Waitrose

In 2012, three months ahead of schedule, Waitrose achieved its aim of sending zero food waste to landfill in the UK. Through its 'Treading Lightly' environmental strategy, it conducted a thorough review of its operations and supply chain, which enabled it to identify all the factors contributing to food waste so that these could be addressed individually.

As a result, it implemented a series of solutions, including donating surplus food for redistribution through food banks, for animal charities and zoos and any remaining food waste was sent to AD. Indeed, Waitrose was one of the first organisations to identify AD as the preferred solution for its unavoidable food waste.

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"We work to reduce the amount of waste we produce as it’s not in our business interest to produce any waste at all. Inevitably though, some food waste does occur and AD has proven to be a sustainable way of eliminating the need to send it to landfill, reducing our impact on the environment and creating renewable energy along the way." Arthur Sayer
Recycling and Waste Manager, Waitrose