The Savoy

Picture of The Savoy

The Savoy Hotel in London is an iconic location. It was also one of the first five star hotels in London to separate and recycle its food waste. When the venue re-opened in 2010, it had a goal of being one of London’s most sustainable hotels.

As part of the initiative, it set ambitious targets for its waste and central to this ambition was food waste. By separating its unavoidable food waste it has achieved a recycling rate of over 90%, reduced its overall waste costs by £200 per week and, in 2012, this material contributed towards the generation of 216MWh of electricity – enough to light 35% of its guest rooms for eight hours per day – and saved more than 200 tonnes of greenhouse gas.

The hotel was recently awarded a Green Tourism Gold Certificate, the 2013 SRA Award for 'Best Food Waste Strategy' and 2013 Considerate Hotelier Green Team of the Year.

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"The Savoy has always been a hotel of firsts – from electric lifts, to generating its own electricity. Finding a sustainable solution for our waste was important and that extended to our food waste. We were delighted to adopt a programme that allowed us not only to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, but to make a significant improvement to The Savoy’s overall carbon footprint by displacing fossil fuels." Debra Patterson,
Environmental Manager, The Savoy